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Автор: Alex Geneve

Дата добавления: 2013-01-12

Travel Guide to Kiev, Ukraine

In order to get acquainted with all notable places of Kiev you will need more than one day of long walks. However, you will not need any transport as all main sights of this city are located nearby. The main street of the city is called Kreschatik. We suggest starting your observation of the city with it. It’s also worth mentioning that this street is one of the widest in the world. On weekends the movement of the transport is closed on Kreschatik, so pedestrians can enjoy various architectural sights of this place, look at monuments and sculptures. The buildings on the street were made in different epochs, so their combination is unusual and very interesting to visitors. Here you will find numerous modern restaurants that offer wide selection of national and European dishes, and multiple trading centers and boutiques. Theatre connoisseurs should make a walk on Gorodetsky Street and look at Ivan Franko Theater. President Palace is located nearby. There you can also see one more interesting building – the House with Chimeras. One more interesting place, Golden Gates, is located not far away from the main street. Once these ancient gates have been the main entrance of the city. When guests entered Kiev, the first thing they saw St. Sophia Cathedral built in the 11th century. Today its walls keep a large collection of relics and frescos that traditionally amaze people. The opposite side of the St. Sophia Square is the place of the location of Bogdan Khmelnitsky monument and St. Michael's Cathedral. When you are tired from walks in this city, you can make a funicular ride that features a magnificent view of Kiev. These are just some memorable places that are worth visiting when you are in Kiev.


Lvov is a magnificent place. This is one of the richest cities of Ukraine in terms of architecture and culture. Lvov is widely known in Europe. It is even called "pearl" of Eastern Europe due to its uniqueness and beauty. Lvov conquers even most hard-to-please visitors and tourists keep the memories of it long after the visit. Travellers will find numerous architectural monuments, museums, theaters, ancient churches in Lvov. Everything here is simply soaked in uniqueness. There are also many cafes and restaurants that are located right on the crossing cobbled streets of the city. Among the main sights of this place are Lvov Opera House, Gunpowder Tower, City Hall on Market Square, the Dominican church, Lychakiv cemetery and many other attractions and sights. In the old part of city is located Market Square. All four sides of the square are surrounded by 44 houses referring to different styles and periods (Baroque, Renaissance, Empire). These buildings have undergone numerous restorations and renovations, but their cellars have retained the elements of Gothic architecture of XV-XVI centuries. Lychakiv cemetery, which was founded in 1786, is known as a historical and memorial museum complex featuring works of famous architects and sculptors. Tourists may certainly find much interesting in visiting Shevchekovsky gai, Pharmacy-Museum, the city arsenal, research library, kostels and churches. Here are also located museums dedicated to art, history, brewing, ethnography, ancient Ukrainian books, and more. In order to get acquainted with the real Ukrainian spirit, you should definitely visit the underground of Lvov, as well as get some rest cafes and restaurants decorated in ethnic style.


Several years ago the city celebrated its two hundredth birthday. It was founded in 1794 by order of Catherine II. Odessa has always been the main port city of the Black Sea coast. Tourists are attracted by the city’s good traditions and hospitality, beautiful architecture and spacious beaches. There are really many places for walking in the city, and you can study its streets indefinitely. Here you will find beautiful old mansions and magnificent modern buildings, as well as numerous monuments and fountains. The old part of the city and its main symbol is the Deribasovskaya Street, along which is stretched a large square. Here you will see contemporary artists who show off their works; take a walk among the ancient sculptures and watch beautiful pictures of marine landscapes, portraits and still life pictures. St. Panteleimon Monastery decorated with fine mosaics and five gleaming domes is one of the city's main attractions. You should definitely walk along the port area, which looks more like a modern city street rather than an old port. There are many modern buildings here, which feature a skillful mix of metal and glass. The Catacombs are one of the main historical monuments of Odessa. This is a real underground city, which complex labyrinth stretches for many kilometers underground. Attending the Catacombs can be done with a guide only, because the tunnels are very complicated and it’s really easy to get lost in them. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre is considered one of the greatest cultural monuments. Once here were performing Tchaikovsky, Chaliapin and Sobinov. Attending this theater is a dream of theater connoisseur. The most unusual house of Odessa can be found in the Vorontsov Street. This is a building of a triangular shape, which seems to be absolutely flat from some angles. This is a truly unique architectural project, and so you will never find a building like this one anywhere in the world.